Circle Of Transformation
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Igniting A Renaissance of Spirit Through Magick, Mystery, and Majesty
This site contains information intending to help others on their path of Witchcraft. There are many religions based on the ancient art of Paganism.

This site is simply our view of the Pagan path to becoming a Witch.

Our philosophy follows the old ways of the craft, trying to instill in the individual the Magical way man first saw his surroundings.

We believe that a true Witch seeks to control the forces within in order to live wisely and well without harm to others and in harmony with Nature

We Believe that beauty and harmony are achieved by order and ritual.

Our teaching group tries to empower our coven members through our teachings of the changing earth and the phases of the moon.

Based on the Celtic tradition of Sabbats and the solstice, we try to incorporate our beliefs in our daily lives as we celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year.

It is our hope that you will find this site informative. Read, enjoy and see if what we say has an element of truth for you. But above all listen to your INNER BELL, for that is your BOOK OF TRUTH.

After being in Denver, Colorado for many years, we are relocating to Las Cruces New Mexico in Early 2018

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